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February 6, 2017

Campaign for New York Health- Health Care for All of Us

January 23, 2017

Dear Healthcare Supporter

With national news media focused on Congress and the incoming administration, relatively little attention is paid to local and state politics. But this is EXACTLY where our organizing can make the biggest difference. Face-to-face, one-on-one outreach in our communities is what is needed to build the power we need to pass the New York Health Act — and to create a more just, participatory, and humane society.

It’s up to us to make sure folks in our networks are aware that in New York State, we CAN guarantee healthcare to all. It’s up to us to make sure our friends and neighbors know who makes decisions on their behalf in Albany. With Republicans in Congress set on destroying the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid, it’s a critical time to invite our communities to join us in taking action for healthcare as a human right. Because we have a solution! Opinion polls show that universal healthcare is overwhelmingly popular. Now, it’s just a matter of building a movement strong enough to make the New York State legislature recognize our right to healthcare by passing and implementing the New York Health Act.

Please help spread the word about the following opportunities to join the fight for healthcare for all:

  • Statewide New York Health Senate Call-In Day – Friday January 27
    We are calling on key State Senators to urge them to sponsor the New York Health Act this session. Please plan to call your Senator and also Senator Jeff Klein, head of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). The IDC announced their intention to work with the Senate Republicans in this legislative session. On Jan 27, we must tell Jeff Klein that New Yorkers need all IDC members to sponsor New York Health and stand up for healthcare access for all New Yorkers. Here is the event on Facebook – please share and invite your friends!
  • Visit the Campaign for New York Health website to Volunteer
    There are many ways to participate, from volunteering with our Businesses for New York Health effort to helping with phone calls…in the coming days, keep an eye out for information about upcoming “Healthcare Conversations” community canvassing. We are also looking for outreach tablers, letter writers, and more. If you have questions, please contact Ursula@nyhcampaign.org Check out the materials available to print from the Campaign for New York Health Organizing Resources page, especially if you plan on attending local community events in the coming days.
  • Donate to the Campaign for New York Health Organizing takes people power and financial resources. Kick-in what you can help make sure we can have organizing materials available to grassroots activists, especially in Senate districts across Upstate New York.

Thank you for being a part of this movement! Please be in touch with questions, ideas for outreach, to organize a speaker to your group about the New York Health Act, and if your group would like to endorse the Campaign to pass New York Health.

In solidarity,

Ursula Rozum

Upstate Campaign Coordinator, Campaign for New York Health
(315) 414-7720

Call-In Day for New York Health

January 20, 2017

I’m reaching out today to invite you and the Single Payer New York to participate in a Statewide Call-In Day on Friday January 27 from 9 AM t0 9 PM to the New York State Senate in support of the New York Health Act, the bill to guarantee universal, public healthcare to all New Yorkers. As you recall, the NYS Assembly passed the New York Health Act in 2015 and 2016. There 21 Senators who have cosponsored New York Health and in the coming year, we are working on building grassroots support for the bill throughout key State Senators. We are inviting all organizations who have endorsed New York Health to join us to flood Senator’s offices with phone calls on Friday, January 27. We are also compiling resources for a Twitterstorm, and would love to have you share those, too.
In the lead up to the Call-In Day, the Campaign for New York Health can send you phone numbers to Senators we are targeting, a sample script, links to social media, and sample tweets – we are asking folks to call their own Senators and also IDC leader Jeff Klein.
Please let me know if Single Payer New York will participate in the Call-In Day on January 27. We would ask that you share information about the day of action to your membership via email, Facebook, Twitter, on your website, and at upcoming meetings. Grassroots New York Health supports are already committing to call State Senators on that day and having endorsing organizations participate will really amplify the message of the day — that healthcare is a human rightand that regardless what happens in Congress, the State Senators must take action to guarantee healthcare for all New Yorkers by sponsoring New York Health.
We’ll do my best to make it easy for you to participate and welcome any feedback or suggestion you may have to make the Call-In Day a success. Thank you!

Ursula Rozum
Upstate Campaign Coordinator, Campaign for New York Health
(315) 414-7720

Petitioning Urban Institute Retract Worst-Ever Single-Payer Study

May 14, 2016

Please read and sign if you agree.



The Urban Institute, generally a reputable source of policy analysis, has published what is definitively the worst-ever study of single payer healthcare, and it is unfortunately making national news.

The study arrives at this election’s most absurd conclusion: that Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan would increase total healthcare spending in the United States by almost 17% in its first year and over the next ten years.

Prior to this election cycle, over 40 single-payer studies have been conducted by government agencies (Congressional Budget Office, Government Accountability Office), prestigious actuarial firms and think tanks (LECG, Mathematica, the Lewin Group, Economic Policy Institute), and economists. Every single study has found that single-payer healthcare reduces healthcare costs while offering universal coverage.

There is nothing surprising about the findings of these previous analyses: every country with a single-payer healthcare system spends less than the United States on healthcare, often half or even a third as much per person. The reasons are well understood: universal healthcare reduces administrative waste, allows negotiation of lower prices for drugs and medical devices, and slows the growth of costs by budgeting healthcare spending.

The Urban Institute’s findings contradict all previous research and international experience with single-payer healthcare through sloppy research: they leave out the largest sources of savings under a single-payer system, such as lower administrative waste for hospitals and physicians; they estimate other savings, like the impact on cost growth and prescription drug costs, based on arbitrary guesses instead of existing evidence; and they project a massive rush on healthcare services that has not been observed in any country that has switched to single payer.

Please join us in asking the Urban Institute to retract their study on “The Sanders Single-Payer Health Care Plan.”

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Urban Institute

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Nurses at Cayuga Medical Center Continue to Fight for Right to Organize

January 21, 2016

Please go to the following for more information:


In the next weeks, we need to canvass people living along route 96 on either side of the hospital.If you know anyone who lives on that road who would be willing to host a yard sign, please let me know.

Contact Scott Marsland, organizer




Nurses union


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