Do these tactics look and sound familiar ?

January 28, 2018

Do these tactics look and sound familiar ?

It has been a calamitous winter inside the NHS. Last week, three people tragically died at Worcestershire Royal hospital with a women dying of a heart attack after…
 Here is the link to “Healthcare Campaigns Together” the group organizing next Saturday’s demonstration in London

Mark your calendar. One week from today Saturday February 3rd there will be a massive and demonstration to save the British National Health Service (NHS) in London. The Demonstration will begin at 12PM in the UK. That’ s 7AM on the US East Coast 4 AM Pacific. If the demonstration follows the form of previous SavetheNHS demonstrations it will be livestream. The url is not known yet but will be passed along as soon as we become aware of it. Mark your calendar.


The Labour Party added a new video: You’ve got to watch this video.

These brave staff have told us what it’s really like on the inside of the NHS crisis. Make sure their incredible stories are heard – share this video.


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