John Conyers Resignation, and HR 676

December 8, 2017


John Conyers, who has been the lead sponsor of the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act (H.R. 676) since its introduction to Congress almost 15 years ago, resigned Tuesday amid allegations of sexual harassment made by former staffers. You may have heard about this and wondered what it means for the bill.

It’s important as leaders of the single payer movement that we stand in solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment. We at Healthcare-NOW take these allegations very seriously and support Conyers’ decision to stand down.

Regarding H.R. 676, the bill remains in Congress through 2018, and reps can still sign on as cosponsors. Right now we’re working with other national groups to look for a new lead sponsor for the bill, but until then rest assured that H.R. 676 remains active. We hope you’ll still continue lobbying your members of Congress to sign on to this and the Senate Medicare for All bill, S. 1804!

Yours in solidarity,
Ben and Stephanie
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff

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