Subject: [Guaranteed Health] This Week in Single-Payer

July 25, 2017

From: Eagan Kemp <>
Date: Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 6:06 PM
Subject: [Guaranteed Health] This Week in Single-Payer
To: Eagan Kemp <>

As some of you know, I recently joined Public Citizen after nearly a decade at the Government Accountability Office. I am excited to be returning to my activist roots at such a crucial time for health care, especially with the elevated interest in single-payer.

With single-payer in the news so much lately, it can be tough to keep track of what is worth reading. In order to help busy folks, I am starting an email series, “This Week in Single-Payer”. I plan to send a handful of the week’s key articles (sometimes with brief commentary) as well as an older piece or two that is worth a read as we build momentum for Medicare-for-All.

Must reads this week:

  1. Is the U.S. Ready for a Single-Payer Health Care System?By Sandro Galea (@sandrogalea)
  1. Al Gore Calls For Single-Payer Health Careby Alexander Kaufman (@AlexCKaufman)
  1. Health Debate Energizing Tucson ‘Medicare for All’ Proponentsby Stephanie Innes (@stephanieinnes)
  1. Democrats Need to Work Toward Medicare for Allby Robert Reich (@RBReich)
  1. The Case Against the Public Option by Adam Gaffney (@awgaffney)


From the archives:

Canadian Health Insurance: Lessons for the United States

by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (back when it was the General Accounting Office) (@USGAO)

Feel free to forward to anyone that may be interested but who is not on the list. Also please send me article suggestions, corrections, or concerns. I will try to incorporate them each week.




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