Vote in the NYS Assembly on the New York Health Act is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th!

May 13, 2017

Dear Campaigners —
I’m pleased to share with you that the vote in the NYS Assembly on the New York Health Act is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th!
Speaker Heastie is planning to hold a press conference that afternoon (5/16) around 1:30PM and has invited advocates to join the press conference to show support. Please let me know if you can attend!
We currently have 78 cosponsors on the bill, but a number of Assembly Members have not yet signed on who should. If you have any connections to these folks, please make a call to urge their support on the New York Health Act, A4738.
New Assembly Members who haven’t yet cosponsored (but their predecessors were cosponsors)
Amato, Stacey
Barnwell, Bill
Dickens, Inez
Niou, Yuh-Line
Assembly Members who aren’t cosponsors, but voted YES in previous years for the bill:
Didi Barret, District 106
Braunstein, Edward C (voted NO in 2015, 2016, but yes in Health Committee in 2017!)
Brindisi, Anthony J.
Buchwald, David
DenDekker, Michael
Hevesi, Andrew D.
McDonald, John T. III (actually was excused from vote, so no record)
Nolan, Catherine T.
Otis, Steven
Ryan, Sean M.
Skoufis, James
Solages, Michaelle
Katie Robbins, MPH
Executive Director
Physicians for a National Health Program NY Metro Chapter


3 Responses to “Vote in the NYS Assembly on the New York Health Act is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th!”

  1. David Goldberg on May 17th, 2017 4:38 pm

    Good afternoon,
    It appears that this legislation, in addition to putting thousands and thousands of insurance company employees out of work, it will also shut down thousands of small, independent benefit brokers, and put them out of business also?

  2. bharrisonspny on May 19th, 2017 2:32 am

    According to the Economic Analysis done by Professor Gerald Friedman in 2015 (, money will be set aside to retrain insurance company employees.

    As for the second part of your question please read the following comment by Mischa Sogut.

    There’s not really a good answer beyond that there’s nothing stopping brokers from selling car insurance or home insurance.. Keeping a system in place that is the primary cause of bankruptcies in this country on grounds that is a jobs program for health insurance brokers isn’t exactly a good moral choice, though I’m not sure how snide you want to be with this person. The bill does have language authorizing Department of Labor job training and placement programs for any worker displaced from the health insurance sector. And ending “job lock” (the term economists use for people who stay in jobs just for insurance) is good for entrepreneurial initiative that creates new businesses.

    So , the answer is some combination of those things.

    Mischa B. Sogut
    Legislative Director, Assembly Health Committee
    Office of Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried

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