NYC Democratic Socialists of America Video Support of New York Health Act

April 28, 2017


Universal single-payer healthcare is possible in New York! This #HealthcareHumpday, call Senator Kemp Hannon (R-6) at 518-455-2200 and demand support for the New York Health Act S4840.

Quality care regardless of income, citizenship, or employment. NO deductibles. NO copays. NO premiums. 98% of New Yorkers would save money. Make medical decisions based on what is best for you, not what you can afford.

Sen. Hannon is the chair of the Health Committee and controls whether this bill dies in committee. Everyone can call, even if you don’t live in his district.

Here’s a simple script: “Hello, I am calling to urge Senator Hannon to publicly support S4840 — the NY Health Act. He has the health and finances of millions of New Yorkers in his hands. We are watching this issue with his 2018 election in mind.”

Find your own Senator at and tell them to #PassNYHealth


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