New York Health Re-introduced # A.4738 (Gottfried), S.4371 (Perkins)

February 13, 2017

D’Urso, Anthony D 19 Long Island Was Schimel, who was Yes vote + sponsor
Amato, Stacy D 23 Queens Was Goldfeder, who was Yes vote but not sponsor
Vanel, Clyde D 33 Long Island Was Kaminsky, who was Yes vote but not sponsor
Carroll, Robert D 44 Brooklyn Was Brennan, who Yes vote + sponsor
Wright, Tremaine D 56 Brooklyn Was Robinson, who was Yes vote + sponsor
Niou, Yuh-Line D 65 Manhattan Was Silver then Cancel, who were both Yes votes but not sponsors
Dickens, Inez D 70 Manhattan Was Wright, who was Yes vote + sponsor
de la Rosa, Carmen D 72 Manhattan Was Linares, who was Yes vote + sponsor
Jones, Billy D 115 North Country Was GOP Janet Dupree
Wallace, Monica D 143 Buffalo Was GOP Angela Wozniak
On the Senate side, it was introduced with 20 cosponsors, and we have pledges from several Senators to sign on, but let’s keep up the heat. The Dems who have not yet signed on this session (nor last):
Kaminsky 9 D Newly elected Senator, Voted for bill in Assembly in 2015 Long Island
Gianaris 12 D Sympathetic Queens
Diaz 32 D NYC (Bronx)
Stewart-Cousins 35 D Pledged to vote for it, but won’t officially cosponsor “because of her leadership position” Westchester
Kennedy 63 D Buffalo
Brookes 8 D close race Long Island
Bailey 36 D newly elected Senator Bronx
Felder 17 D Caucuses with Republicans; NYC (Brooklyn)
Savino 23 D/IDC NYC (Staten Island/BK)
Klein 34 D/IDC Bronx
Carlucci 38 D/IDC Seems very sympathetic. Verbal pledge to vote for bill if it comes to floor Hudson Valley
Valesky 53 D/IDC Verbal pledge Syracuse


2 Responses to “New York Health Re-introduced # A.4738 (Gottfried), S.4371 (Perkins)”

  1. Maria Santalesa on February 20th, 2017 2:03 pm

    I would urge all members to support this Health. care bill as so many single parents can’t afford health insurance payments if the Obamacare insurance Please support this fir our health

  2. Michael Wowak on April 18th, 2017 3:21 am

    I support single payer New York State