Message from Peter Mahr, MD Health Care for All Oregon

December 22, 2015


As many of you know I am on the Board of Directors for Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO).  Our goal is to enact a health care program in Oregon that would be universal, life long, and publicly funded. It would allow anyone to go to any medical provider or hospital and receive care with no co-pays or deductibles. Affordable premiums would be pre-paid by both businesses and individuals and the collected money would pay for all medically necessary services.

These universal systems are in place in every other industrialized nation and they all provide better care to more (all) people for much less money.  As a physician I witnesses the corrosive effects of our current system on my patients’ health and sanity on a daily basis, so this is a very personal struggle.  

Many people who have not experienced universal systems in other countries think we have to put up with our health care system the way it is. But they are wrong.  The Affordable care Act (ACA) allows individual states to adopt health care systems that meet or exceed the coverage and cost of the ACA after 2017.

In Oregon we are planning to do just that.  Health Care for All Oregon is a growing grass roots organization which, through its member organizations, represents roughly 250,000 Oregonians.  HCAO  helped write legislation that will enact a universal, publicly-funded health care system in Oregon and, if not acted on by the legislature, will present such a system to the voters as a a ballot measure.

But HCAO is in need of your help.  We desperately need financial support to continue raising awareness, increasing our membership and hiring staff to keep our organization running and growing.  I have been asked, as a board member, to raise $5,000 before the end of December in order to do my part for HCAO and the fight for universal health care in Oregon.

I realize many of you are very generous with donations and are likely asked on a daily basis to contribute to multiple good causes.  I would be very thankful if you would consider donating money in support of HCAO. Please click on my HCAO fundraising page to sponsor me.


Peter Mahr, MD


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