Letter asking State Senator Klein – Sign on to New York Health Bill

February 13, 2015

From: Pearl Korn
Date: February 13, 2015 9:05:20 AM EST
Subject: Good Work Senator
The newspapers seem to be buzzing with some of your very good actions of late Jeff and I am delighted. I am not only one of your constituents in Riverdale but am also a Political Blogger for HuffPost. Your divesting from your law office is commendable and further addressing ethical issues in Albany is the icing on the cake. God knows we have to clean up that sewer so it can begin to function for the people of our state. I hope you continue to lead on the issue?Indeed one of the issues that is major to me is the passage of Dick Gottfried’s Single Payer bill.I believe the no is  AO 5062. It must become finally the law of the state and show the rest of the nation that this can be achieved offering a plan that is affordable and truly includes every resident of the state with quality care. We should be leading the nation on this Jeff. I see that in the Senate there are some 20 co sponsors of the Gottfried bill and further understand you support it? PLEASE sign on and bring in the rest of you IDC colleagues to do like wise. Of course Skelos would be a prize catch as well. And the Assembly will undoubtedly pass this bill.Let’s make history Jeff and show the nation that New Yorkers do march to a special ethical drummer. Let’s pass the single payer bill this year.All good wishes.
Pearl Korn




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