Congressman warns that GOP attacks on Obamacare will cause a favorable outcome

February 13, 2015

THU FEB 12, 2015 AT 09:11 AM PST

Congressman warns that GOP attacks on Obamacare will cause a favorable outcome

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A Chinese proverb comes to mind—”He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself.” Ed Schultz asked Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) whether theRepublican bill to redefine full-time work in the eyes of the Affordable Care Act to a 40-hour week would have a severe impact. McDermott’s answer was thoughtful and reflected what many feel will be Obamacare’s ultimate great outcome.”Well I think if you take in the big picture, Ed, this is in the longterm good for us. Because they are driving us towards single payer. Employers are trying to get out of participating in the employer mandate. They don’t want to provide for their employees if they can get out of it. So they are all playing all sorts of games. And ultimately this 40-hour week thing means everybody—people are working 38 hours or 35 hours—they are not going to have to offer them health insurance either. They will come in to the subsidized exchanges and be a part of the federal system. I think we are moving to a system where business is trying to offload their responsibility for the health of their workers.”

Ed Schultz responded that companies are racing to the bottom for taking advantage of Obamacare in some states even as they attempt to stymie their responsibilities under Obamacare.

Jim McDermott then got to the core of the issue. “I really think that the whole question here of whether we are going to have 40-hour weeks is whether the employers want to give health insurance to their workers or not. In my view they don’t,” McDermott said. “We are talking about middle-class folks who are working 24 hours a week in two different jobs to hold on to their house and their family and their education. They are struggling like mad. And we are not getting any help from the Republicans.”

That last sentence from Rep. McDermott is important. When you hear many falsely criticize Obamacare for creating a part-time economy or that the Obama job market is full of the underemployed, remember that last statement. Irresponsible employers are using plutocracy-inspired government regulations to tailor the workforce to minimize the benefits corporations must give to their employees. It is a dereliction of civics and citizenship. It is for this reason government, “we the people” must force politicians with the power of our vote, not the power of not voting, to effect middle-class-centric policies. Single-payer healthcare, Medicare for all is just a start.





One Response to “Congressman warns that GOP attacks on Obamacare will cause a favorable outcome”

  1. bill shaver on February 14th, 2015 9:43 am

    YOU KNOW IN THE END healthcare will be covered by federal and state revenues from witholding taxes on wages and other sources from treasuries. No one is escaping anything. What employers are doing is deplorable and should be stopped. They are only hurting their workforce and the ability to attract new employees…2017 can’t come soon enough….