Public Hearing on Single Payer Health Care – Rochester – December 8, 2014

December 11, 2014

By Metro Justice –

Single_Payer_Hearing_Photo.jpgAs part of a statewide series of public hearings, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried – sponsor of NY Health, the bill that would bring Single Payer health care to New York State, joined dozens of supporters at Rochester City Hall. Powerful testimony was heard from patients, relatives of patients, fast food worker leaders, physicians, nurses, and many Metro Justice members.

Rochester was only the 2nd stop in the series of 6 public hearings. This series is meant to build momentum for the passage of NY Health in the near future. Our members continue to put up for the fight for genuinely universal health care for all New Yorkers and all people.

Again, we got coverage from much of the local media. The hearing was covered in the Democrat and ChronicleChannel 8Channel 13, and WXXI. The day after the hearing, Assemblyman Gottfried could be heard on the Evan Dawson Show on WXXI.


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