Single Payer Advocates Says Medicare for All Remains the Solution in Light of US Supreme Court Ruling

June 28, 2012

Single Payer New York Media Release

For Immediate Release: Thursday, June 28, 2012
For More Info: See Contacts below

Even though the Supreme Court has upheld the overall Affordable Care Act, single payer advocates said the program’s failure to provide health care to all Americans or to control health care costs means that Congress still needs to move to a expanded and Improve Medicare for All program.

Single payer advocates in New York also vowed to continue to push New York to adopt its own single payer program. ACA does allow states to adopt their own health care program as long as they provide at least the same level of service of ACA. While ACA allows states to implement such programs by 2017, groups are urging Congress to amend the law to allow states to implement their own plans in 2014, which is when most of ACA actually goes into effect.

Single payer groups say that the shortcomings of ACA will be obvious once it is implemented in 2014. In contrast, single payer – in effect an Expanded and Improved Medicare for All program – would provide quality health care to all Americans while eliminating the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on the negative role played by health insurance companies.

At best, ACA will leave tens of millions of Americans without health insurance while saddling many more with expensive insurance that would fail to cover all health expenses, especially in emergency situations. A single payer system like Medicare covering everyone is the most effective and fiscally conservative means of financing health care.

Only a single payer system can provide truly universal comprehensive coverage without regard to age, income, health or employment status. It is a publicly administered non-profit system, accountable to the people, with no premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays and no co-insurance. It will comprehensively cover all medically necessary health care services. All Americans will have access to medical care when they need it with a right to choose physicians and hospitals.

A publicly financed single payer system would cut employers cost of providing health care. It would also eliminate the burden on local taxpayers in NYS for the Medicaid program.

Legislation to institute a publicly financed universal comprehensive single payer system is on the shelf and ready to go.

At the state level, New York State Assembly member Richard Gottfried, chair of the Assembly’s Health Committee, and New York State senator Thomas Duane, have introduced a New York Health bill (A.7860/S.5425) that would ensure comprehensive coverage for all New Yorkers. A state-funded study four years ago found that a single payer system could save up to $28 billion per year.

At the national level, H.R. 676, introduced by U.S. Rep. John Conyers, expands and improves the Medicare system to cover the entire U.S. population.

The insurance mandate was a gift to the insurance industry – a proposal initially conceived by insurance companies, pioneered by the Republicans and finally enacted by the Democrats. It highlights the ability of special interests to buy politicians. Single payer in contrast will be a victory for the American people and will allow our country to join the rest of the industrial world in treating health care as a human right.

General contact:

SPNYS – Mark Dunlea, 212 741-8192 xt 5#

New York City
Laurie Wen, PNHP, 917 446-1610;
Katie Robbins, Healthcare-Now 330-618-6379

Capital Region: Alice Brody – 518-573-9903
Albany: Richard Propp, MD, Chair, Albany 518-482-0420

Ithaca/Southern Tier: Rebecca Elgie – 607-279-4154

Rochester: Colin O’Malley, (585)325-2560; Betsy Frarey – 585-944-1043

Buffalo/Western NY – Kevin Ketchum – 716- 834-1706

Long Island – Jay Cherlin – 516-650-1035

Sullivan County – Pricilla Bassett – 845-985-7901

Syracuse – Karen Nezelek – 315-475-7610

Westchester County – Dr. Betsy Rosenthal – 914 834-3025


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