Health Care Reform, P-PACA or Single Payer?

April 25, 2012

Recently Dr. Oliver Fein, PNHP -Metro did a presentation in Ithaca, NY outlining the history of recent Health Care Reform, He dcussed the challenges facing the U.S. Health Care System and a comparison of Single Payer and the 2010 Health Reform. His presentation was enthusiastically received with comments that the slides were informative and convincing and his presentation was clear, factual, logical and very persuasive. I feel that Dr. Fein is a wonderful resource available to us and I would recommend that others invite him to speak in your community. At the event we were able to collect a number of signatures on our state petition and it generated interest in Single Payer New York.

For powerpoint slides go to

Rebecca Elgie

Margaret Flowers radio interview

April 20, 2012

Margaret Flowers will be tomorrow’s guest on the Daisy Deadhead show. The show is broadcast on WFIS 1600 AM from Simpsonville, SC, live streamed and promoted on Black Talk Radio.

Make sure to listen between 9:00 and 10:00 AM ET and call in! Podcasts are available from iTunes.

The Daisy Deadhead Show is a weekly news and interview broadcast that presents opinions normally not heard in the most conservative corner of South Carolina.