LETTER: Medicare for all

September 12, 2011

Daily Freeman
Published: Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Editor:

I am a practicing radiologist in Kingston for last 30 years and plan to retire here and live the rest of my life here. I am a new Medicare recipient. I opted to take Medicare as my primary coverage and opted out of my employer-provided private health care.

My primary care physician will get paid by Medicare for taking good care of me, unlike what happened with my previous health insurance company.

I have Medigap sponsored by AARP, another institution that I trust to fight and lobby for senior citizen causes.

I will fight for protecting Social Security for the future generation. I oppose Republican Congressman Ryan’s scorched earth policy of gutting Social Security and Medicare as we know now. Under his plan, seniors will be left to fend for themselves and pay for most of their medical care out of pocket.

Believe me, a rich doctor like me will not be able to afford such payments out of my pocket. My health care is my right that I earned as an American citizen and I want it and will not give it up to benefit insurance companies.

I want Medicare for all, a single-payer approach, reducing the cost of health care by efficiency, electronic medical records, and community based primary care physicians in charge of all medical care. Specialty care including radiology will be controlled by primary care and all will be paid based on patient outcome, not by number of procedures that are performed. My doctors and other health care providers will be paid for keeping me healthy and alive for years to come.

I want Medicare to provide health care for me for the rest of my life here in Kingston, preferably with all the other citizens.

I want the cost of such care to come down by increased efficiency, reducing pharmacy costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for the lowest possible fees, and removing insurance companies from the equation, empowering patients, their physicians, and other providers like hospitals to collaborate and make heath care in America the envy of other developed nations.





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