Video of July 30th Rally

September 1, 2011

From Karen Nezelek:

This is link to Peace Council site and You Tube posting of the “Celebrate Medicare’s 46th” on July 30 at the Federal Building.  Although all 6 speakers delivered stirring messages, Sue Hammond was a stellar in calling out for the needed presence of medical personnel in this movement for Medicare for All.    Rev. Agee was a great MC and there are some good interviews with disabled community members at the end of the 38 minute selection.  This video was sent into Health Care-Now as part of their nationwide series of events around the celebratory theme.

We also got some post-event coverage in VisionCNY, an alternative weekly newspaper reaching minorities in the Upstate NY area.  Use this link to get to the August 3, 2011 edition and find page 4 with several photos and quotes.

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