Healthcare for All, Around the World

April 2, 2011

My computer has really been acting up these last few days (maybe even months).  I’m starting to think I should have a direct line installed to Frontier, my server.  (I can just hear the techs saying, oh, it’s her again.)  Anyway  this time when I called, the tech I spoke with suggested I unplug my modem and wait.  As usual the tech was very gracious and waited on line with me.

Again I thought, why wait silently when I can use this time to promote SP. So while waiting for the computer to boot up, I started to talk about our movement and how we are working to get healthcare for everyone in the US.  I asked him if he liked this idea.  He thought it was a good idea, but he told me he was not planning to stay here much longer.  He’s planning to go back home, to Finland (where they already have healthcare for everyone).  I asked him to send me a brief testimonial about healthcare in Finland.  He said he’d try if he had some time before he left.

I also asked him to read about palliative care, and bring this concept back to Finland, in case they don’t yet have palliative care there yet.  He said he’d look it up on line.  Growing our movement. From the Woods


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