Single Payer Connections

March 16, 2011

The other day, while speaking with folks at The Smile Train, an organization  I support which provides surgery to correct cleft palates for children in Third World Countries, I mentioned to the young woman in doner relations, that I was working with others, to get healthcare for everyone in the US.  I told her to look up Healthcare-Now on line.  Much to my very pleasant surprise, she excitedly said she was already a member.  Yes!  We both laughed.  Connecting and growing our movement, one person at a time, From the Woods.

Educating a Healthcare Survey Worker about SP/Medicare for All and Palliative Care

March 13, 2011

I don’t much like to participate in surveys. To me, surveys make you take subjective opinions and put them into objective categories. This is something I have a hard time doing. So usually, I avoid doing surveys. Today however, I got a telephone survey from Sienna college about healthcare in the capital region. (How could I resist?) The emphasis was on treatment and care at hospitals in our region. The last section of the survey had questions specifically about Albany Med; I think the emphasis was placed on AMC because it is our region’s only teaching hospital. I did my best (it was difficult), to answer the questions as objectively as I could.

When the survey was completed, I asked the young man who was conducting the survey if I could now have a minute of his time. I then told him about Single Payer/Medicare for All and also about palliative care. In explaining these concepts to him, he said he thought they were good ideas. I gave him my name and also told him about our blog. I asked him to look us up on line and share the info with his friends. He said he would do both. We need to use whatever opportunities may come our way to educate those who may not yet be informed. Today I did this. From the Woods