And this is why I’m for a Single Payer system

February 24, 2011

I do not have a horror story to share, but mine is an example of the kind of frustration experienced by thousands in our country.  I am an small business owner. Every year, to keep monthly premiums at an “affordable” level, we have to increase our out-of-pocket co-pays and deductibles, which  are now up to $20,000 (a $10,000 increase from last year).

As an individual, I recently had to schedule an MRI. This is the laborious route I had to take:  (1) Received instructions from my GYN to have an MRI done, (2) Called my insurance co. for approvals; was told my GYN had to file for an authorization #; (3) Called my GYN, (4) Got a call back from the GYN to call yet another intermediary for an authorization no., (5) Got the no., (6) Called the radiology facility to schedule the MRI, was told I did not have sufficient info., (7) Called back the GYN for the info., (8) Called the MRI facility with the info., was told I needed to have blood work done first, (9) Called my GYN to get the prescription for the bloodwork…..I have yet to schedule the MRI!

Without a Single Payer and coordinated healthy care system, we will continue to experience these type of inefficiencies. Time is Money. My earning time has already been cut down by the 2 hours spent just trying to schedule an appointment. But, worse, is the constant, nagging fear that my insurance will not fully cover the procedures and I will end up paying a lot more in out of pocket expenses than I realize.


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