Getting New Members

February 18, 2011

A few weeks ago I had just got home from doing some errands and from going to the Y.  I was expecting some incoming emails. Nothing had come in.  I hit the send/receive button, but it kept disconnecting, so I called Frontier, my service provider.  The tech was very pleasant.  I explained my problem and he told me to wait about 30 seconds and then hit send/receive again.  He waited on line with me.

I decided to take the 30 seconds waiting time to tell him about Single Payer.  I knew he was in Austin (I’ve called before, so I know that’s where their techs are located).  I told him that I and others were working to get healthcare for everyone in the US, from the moment you are born.  He said that was a great idea. I told him to look up Healthcare-Now. He was writing it down as we spoke.  He told me he would look it up and pass the info on to others. He thought he might even join and work with us. He was thrilled to know folks are working on this.  Originally, he’s from England.  He knows it works! Building up our movement, one supporter at a time, From the Woods.


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