Report on Medicaid Redesign Team Hearing – 2/3/11

February 16, 2011

Submitted by Pat Reed

Report of Medicaid Redesign Team Hearing
2/3/11 @ Adirondack Community College

Open to public

Goals of Gov. Coumo’s Medicaid Redesign Program

1.    Gather ideas from across NYS
2.    Reform NYS Medicaid program to improve quality, maintain service and reduce cost.

Short-term recommendations due 3/1/11 for use in 2011 budget process.

Long-term recommendations due 9/1/11 will produce comprehensive payment reform and identify PPACA impact on NYS.

4.7 residents of NYS receive Medicaid services. LTC in NYS utilizes 50% of Medicaid budget. Managed Care programs are analyzed using quality indicators. Poor performance area is LOS in hospital and nursing home. NYS ranks 50/51.

Specific proposals were requested from hearing participants. Testimony was limited to 2 min. A kitchen timer was used to manage. Written submissions were welcomed.

30 testimonies were given in a 2 hr period. Testifiers represented mental health providers; ETOH/Substance Abuse programs; disability services; hospice/palliative care; psych rehab; parent-business owner-community volunteer; AARP; Planned Parenthood; county administrators; NYS Dietic Assoc; Mental Health Assoc; Fox hospital; Hudson headwaters; Iriquois Health Alliance; and Home Care.

Consistent Recommendations from all testimony:

1.    Care programs must be coordinated, integrated and managed.
2.    DO NOT turn over management of care to FOR PROFIT industry.

Additional themes:

– one model does not fit all. ie NYC and Upstate counties have very different needs and resources.
– NYS eliminate audit processes that are costly and ineffective in measuring goal achievement.
– monitor idea submissions
– submit a recommendation/idea
– monitor redesign team actions


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