Upcoming Medicaid Redesign Hearings

February 2, 2011

Hearings are being held across the state to get public impact into reforming NYS’s Medicaid program. The stated goals are to generate ideas on how to lower costs and improve quality. As of April 2009 Medicaid’s caseload was 4,883,052; an increase due in large part to the effects of an economic recession that has resulted in a large-scale loss of jobs and deepening poverty.  (Check schedule for hearings in your area.) Governor Cuomo’s plans to enact deep cuts to Medicaid follow a similar pattern occurring in other states.

  • Louisiana:  $68 million in cuts to their public health system
  • Maine: $45 million in cuts in services to programs for the developmentally disabled
  • Minnesota: 15% cut for doctors providing services under MinnesotaCare, a state program for low-income residents
  • Wisconsin: slashing $625 million from Medicaid – 10% of the state’s contribution.
  • Massachusetts: $500 million in cuts to MassHealth, the states’ Medicaid program  .In addition, many states are enacting large cuts to mental health services.

It is important that single payer supporters participate in the Medicaid hearings taking place across the state to  1) speak out against cuts that will decimate much needed healthcare to our most vulnerable New Yorkers, and 2) promote Expanded and Improved Medicare for All as the solution to addressing both the state and national healthcare crisis. Submit Dr. Len Rodberg’s comments on Reducing the Financial Burden of Medicaid (see article below) at the hearing.


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