Reducing the Financial Burden of Medicaid in NY

January 29, 2011

by Len Rodberg, member of  Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)

We all know that New York State’s health care system, like that of the rest of the nation, has serious problems, the large number of uninsured and the continually escalating costs being high among them. But it also has gross inequities in access, serious deficiencies in primary and preventive care, and wasteful inefficiencies in the use of our health care resources, making our health care among the most expensive in the nation. All of this can be traced to the fragmented, inefficient, and wasteful way we pay for health care. Read more

From the Woods: Keep the Pressure On!

January 9, 2011

by Bev Alves

Note: I wrote this post below, before the terrible tragedy in Arizona this weekend. This horrific incident illustrates part of what I’m talking about. On TV, someone said the shooter had emotional problems. At college they dropped him and told him he needed counseling. (Like someone who is that mentally ill is capable of getting help for himself!) He needed someone to make sure that the necessary mental health services exist and then get him to go there. We have to be concerned with the welfare, pain and suffering of each other or we’ll pay a terrible price for ignoring it. Those in Arizona already have.

I live in NY’s famous or infamous CD 23. You know, the one where Sarah Palin came in, threw her support to the Conservative candidate instead of the Republican, and lo and behold, a Democrat won. This was the first time since before the Civil War that CD 23 has a Democratic Representative in the House. Because CD 23 is geographically, the largest congressional district in NY State, encompassing much of the northern part of the state, it’s difficult for Bill Owens our Representative to meet with many of his constituents. So once a month, he holds a teleconferenece call. The phone rings, and you’re told something like, “You’re now on a conference call with Rep. Owens.” (You can choose to stay on the call or hang up.) He and his staff have become adept at using modern technology. Read more