Designing Vermont’s Health Care Model

August 9, 2010

Hsiao early diagnosis of Vermont’s health care problems: A bad case of fragmentation
By Anne Galloway on August 6, 2010

The problem with health care in Vermont can be summed up in one word — fragmentation — according to Dr. William Hsiao, the Harvard-based economist who is designing health care models for the state.

Vermont’s patchwork of duplicative private, federal and state medical programs, payment systems and insurers, he told members of the Vermont Health Care Commission yesterday, leads to inconsistent care for patients, unnecessary services, waste, inefficiency, fraud and high administrative costs — not to mention the fact that thousands of Vermonters don’t have access to what he calls a “non system,” because they can’t afford health insurance.

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Single Payer Isn’t Dead: How States Are Keeping the Movement Alive

August 3, 2010

Monday 02 August 2010
by: Michael Corcoran, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

The grassroots single-payer movement in Vermont reflects the growing belief that the fight to make health care a human right must come from the states. But will the passage of federal reform get in the way?
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Medicare’s 45th Anniversary – Regional Celebrations

August 2, 2010

Medicare Birthday Photos
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New Paltz: Street Rally (photos courtesy of Lin Sakai):


Rochester: “Defenders rally in support of Medicare, Social Security”

“Bending on one knee with a knife in her hand, Betsy Frarey sliced large chunks of a white-icing cake to celebrate the 45th birthday of the Medicare program. She hopes Congress doesn’t make the same huge cuts to the health care program during their budget sessions.” Full article here:

Ithaca: (photo courtesy of Rebecca Elgie)

About 25 health reform activists and seniors gathered in a park in downtown
Ithaca to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Medicare. They were joined by
Congressman Hinchey’s aide, Dan Lamb, Green candidate for US Senate,
Cecile Lawrence and candidate for State senate, Pam Mackesey,
all Single Payer supporters. Dan said that Hinchey has a policy of not signing
pledges but that he will work to preserve Social Security and Medicare and that
he does continue to support Medicare for All but he is also supporting the Patient
Affordability Act. We are trying to get a written statement from him. Many
Seniors spoke about the importance of Medicare for them and the importance
of expanding and improving it to cover everyone with comprehensive health
care. It was a pleasant day in the park and cake and lemonade was enjoyed
by all. The event was videotaped and will be aired on public access locally.

“STOP! In the Name of Health”

August 1, 2010

Performed in New York City on 7/31/10. Enjoy, and spread the song!